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So last Tuesday I entered the final year of my twenties. I'm not hating, I'm actually quite looking forward to turning the big 3-0. Something tells me my thirties are going to be great, and I actually like the idea of finally being a 'woman'! I remember when I turned 20 I thought I had to stop wearing tracksuits. Who would have though that 9 years later I'm still as thugged out as ever. Anyhoo, hubby treated me to a lovely day out for my bday (of course it involved antiques), and the sun even came out to say hi!

With my sister looking after Marley, we had a full on couples day to ourselves. We headed up to South Kensington to visit the 'Art Antiques' show, hosted by Haughton, which took place in the Kensington Gardens. Arriving at South Ken we fell in love with this Art Deco block which sits just opposite. How great is the typeface used for the block name?!

art deco london
art deco flats south kensington

We also saw possibly the coolest church... If I had a church that looked like this near me I might actually be tempted to go! I love the modernist / Art Deco influences and the tall golden spire. Bling!

art deco church london

We then arrived at the gardens and walked over to Alberts Memorial. I had no idea that this even existed! Seriously, London is the city that keeps on giving. There's always something new and beautiful to see, you just can't get bored. I spent a bit of time taking in the intricate detailing of this beautiful monument as the sun beat down on us. 

alberts memorial london
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gilt railings
London historical statues
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Obviously had to grab a quick couples selfie before heading into the show. My hair's trying to take over the shot here, haha!

From the outset I could tell this show was a lot more high end than some of the previous shows I'd gone to. It was a lot brighter, had fewer stands and a lot older pieces. I think the lady in the back there has fallen asleep, so keep it down will ya?

art antiques show review

Art Antiques had loads of oriental dealers which was great to see. One of the first pieces I fell in love with was this beautiful oriental tapestry.

antique chinese embroidery

These watercolour-esque porcelain wall pieces and vases were beautiful. Those colours are to die for! What I'd give to have these hanging in my hallway...

antique chinese porcelain

Onto my favourite piece of the show - I love the abstract nature of this Chinese artwork by Qin Feng (who has fast entered my list of favourite artists), called 'Desire, Landscape No 11.1a' created with tea stained silk and ink. I think I may try to recreate this look on a smaller scale, until I can afford the real thing anyway! So fresh yet can stand the test of time. Beautiful. 

qin feng desire

Next up, we found these exquisite 18th century paper screens sold by Gregg Baker. Pretty special don't you think? The bamboo piece is so on trend. I might be feeling an antique oriental room as my next project!

antique chinese screen
antique chinese screens

And then just as quickly as that, our tour was over. We headed out into the sun and down to Knightsbridge for me to do some well deserved birthday shopping, trundled home with my new purchases and then went for a family Chinese meal. It was the perfect day. I do wish every day could be like that!

S x