Ahh, summer Sundays  in South London. Nothing beats it.

This weekend, I had a meeting first thing over at my favourite furniture shop of all time, Do South. Proudly standing on Crystal Palace's coolest corner, it's run by the oh-so-friendly Freddie Oke and hosts a variety of homewares, from designer contemporary sofas to vintage artwork and armchairs. It's a plethora of great stuff and I for one always enjoy my time spent in there.

After my meeting, I took a stroll around Palace with a friend, checking out the various antiques and vintage shops. 

Here's what we found!

At Do South, I was blown away by the sheer amount of beautiful furniture.

I think the black and white cocktail chair was one of my faves, and would be great as a desk chair in my snug... who needs armrests?! I was also really inspired by the deep Red velvet on one of the armchairs. It's not considered to be a particularly modern colour but I think done well it's classic and luxurious. A great example of how Red should look. 

They also had some fun decorative pieces like retro phones, artwork and more.

Firstly, I really want that elephant for Marley, and secondly, I fell in love with the blue baskets, perfect for a friend's living room I'm currently working on. Esther, I'm looking at you! 

After fully snapping every angle of Do South I went to check out some local charity shops and then check out the rest of the shops on and around what's called the Crystal Palace Triangle. There's a parade of shopfronts along Church Road, some of which have very affordable stock. There's Bambino, who house a real mix of bits and bobs and have a cafe within the shop too. In there I found this wicked Gramophone. We've been looking for one for ages for the house but ideally I'd like one that works. This one didn't sadly, and even at a fairly bargain price of £75, I just wasn't pushed over the edge.

photo 4.JPG

There are two ladies who stand on the parade without a shopfront but with furniture and bits on the pavement, and they actually usually have some pretty good stuff at good prices. On Sunday I saw this coffee table, which would be perfect in our living room and we actually need one, but Jason has a thing against glass topped tables so I knew it would be an uphill struggle and far too much back and forth over what's app to get him to even consider it! But look, it even had a book about Blondes just sitting there for me :)

Then we moved on to the main antiques centre in Crystal Palace, which hold 4 floors of period pieces, from Midcentury Modern in the basement to industrial, Art Deco and 70s spread over the rest of the floors. This place really is fun and every time I enter it's full to the brim with new stock. Here are some of my favourites from Sunday, including a 70s style glass and brass drinks trolley which I should have snapped up at £90 (BARGAIN) but stupidly wasn't thinking we had anywhere for it at home.

Anyway, I put it up on Instagram and have already found it a new owner, so some good furniture karma is flying my way I would imagine!

After being all shopped out (who am I kidding, I could never be shopped out), we headed to a lovely little Vietnamese place at the top of the triangle called 'Urban Orient'. I stuffed my face so quickly that I didn't even take a snap. I think that tells you something. 

As the afternoon started to roll in, I said my goodbyes and headed back to Croydon to spend some time with Marls and hubby in the local gardens. 


Have you ever shopped for antiques in Crystal Palace?

S x