I'm often asked by people how to mix different prints and patterns, whilst maintaining style and avoiding overkill! I have very eclectic tastes, so have a plethora of different things in my home, but by following a few basic tips, its very easy to achieve a stylish finish. With SO many beautiful styles, trends and options out there it's almost impossible not to buy differing pieces. Here is a video with my 3 main tips for incorporating all of your favourite things, within reason!

For those who don't have time to watch the video, it's written out in handy reading format below.

  • The 80/20 Principle - Take two main patterns or prints and divide them in to a ratio of 80% of one and 20% of the other. Pick your favourite to have as the main pattern, then use hints of the other. It's a principle used in all sorts of things, and it really does work! It's a good starting point too, If you don't feel very confident and don't want to waste lots of time and money experimenting. Stick to this rule and its hard to go wrong! Obviously don't go too crazy and keep in mind a general theme fitting to your taste. 

  • Use Similar Colour Palettes - Look at the colours in the patterns and prints you have chosen and pick colours that compliment, they don't always have to be the exact same. But by sticking to the palette they will have a cohesive theme. A good rule to go by is to look for the 5 or 6 colours in the room that you are putting your prints or patterns, then stick within those when choosing the prints themselves. This will tie it all nicely in together. Even if the theme itself is pretty mishmash, staying within the palettes of your chosen colours will mean its aesthetically pleasing and a room you're going to love coming home to! 


  • It's All About The Confidence - This is the most important rule of all. Do it with confidence! After all this is your house, so if you want to mix together different accessories that reflect your personality or experiences you've had, go for it. Own it peeps, it is your space! 


I hope those tips have given you inspiration and confidence to mix things up, and perhaps even a tad of shopping enablement ! Let me know how you get on with things in the comments below. Also I am starting a series of Q&A videos, so if you have any questions about styling or interiors drop me a comment and I will answer them in future videos.