It was mine and Jason's 9 year wedding anniversary last week, can you believe?! A year off ten, better start planning the celebrations I guess. I love this man so much, and couldn't be happier now that we have our little (or not so little anymore) bundle of joy to keep us company.

I took the day off work and we headed over to the Museum Of Childhood in Bethnal Green for the day as had heard great things about it and was up for seeing some retro and vintage toys! It's a museum set up to embrace all things childhood related, with toys from the 1600s right up to the present day.

The building itself is beautiful and has these brilliant Geometric patterns and grills all around the front of the building. WANT!


Inside the building they had this pretty sick circular tiled floor, which I would imagine has been there since the building was made. 

There was a series of old school desks, one of which I opened and was greeted with...

photo 3-3.JPG

Well you 'SUKC' too mate.

Anyway, on to the vintage toys. I remember I had this Boglin! It was one of my favourites when I was younger. I didn't really have barbies, I had ghostbusters, turtles, GI joe and things like this. Was always a bit of a tomboy I guess. Oh no wait, I think I totally had a 'my little pony'.

There's lots of fun activities for kids so we let Marley roam free and played around with her. She was so much more interested in the mechanical things, like a pulley system and a sand timer, and was completely scared by a rocking horse and twinkly lights. Random! 

I think this was my favourite, a Barbie from 1962! She's pretty hot. How badly do I want a swimsuit and shades like that?!

I'm not really one for buying toys. I mean, I loved them as a kid and always wanted the new thing. But the other day Marley spent about 30 minutes being entertained by putting coins in and out of a bottle, and she loves the shaker I made her out of an old coke bottle and some rice. So I think I'll stick with the home made toys for now! Like most parents I can't stand the primary coloured plastic toys that often take over your house when you have kids. I know it's pretty inevitable but I am trying to keep them away for as long as possible!

Anyway, next I found the twinkly light zone that Marley was so afraid of and played around with my camera phone. The Nokia Lumia 1020 is so good at capturing great lighting like this, so it was pretty fun to play around. And take selfies, OBV.

To finish off, we headed to a craft area set up for the kids. I wanted to play! So me and Marley ate pens and threw glitter and sequins around while daddy looked at us hesitantly and told us we were going to end up going home covered in glitter. Well duh! That's what I was hoping Jason!

PS - how cool is my jumper? Jason got it for me as an anniversary present. It's from Topman, you can find it here 

All in all a great day with great weather. The museum is totally free and a great place to take kids for the day (or if you just secretly love toys and childhood!)

Have you ever been to the childhood museum? Think you might take a trip? Leave a comment below!

S x