The Decorative Fair is always a goodie. I went for the first time back in January this year, and both spied some awesome pieces and met the lovely Elizabeth Fell, antiques buyer. 

I took my little brother Will along to the Spring fair which is on till the end of the day today, Sunday May 4th (be quick)! As well as getting to view a huge array of great items, from 18th century paintings to 20th century armchairs, I got to meet some brilliant young dealers and ask a few questions. Then we ate cake in the sun. It couldn't of been better really!

The show is a great way to see how the dealers have decided to decorate their stands, what colours they've used and how they've showcased their own style. Some of my favourite dealers were there, including Zugasti, Tim Smith Vincent, Monique Relander (who said she had been reading my blog, score) and Omnipod, as well as some newbies that I hadn't heard of before and will now go on my 'go to' list. 

So are you ready to get stuck in to some seriously sexy furniture porn? There's a lot, so take a deep breath...

First spots..

Bold monochrome stripes on Robert Barley's stand and a seriously POP vintage movie poster from Antikbar (THE go to guys for vintage posters). 

Within seconds, we met Hilary Batstone, who had some beautiful Art Deco armchairs that I ogled. This lady can only be described as what I absolutely aspire to be like when I'm older. Exquisitely dressed with not a hair out of place. She talked to me and Will about how she'd been running her shop since 'before we were born', well Will at least! Such a lovely lady and some brilliant pieces. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of her, but visit her shop and I'm sure you will meet her. For now you will just have to imagine. But here is one of her beautiful white and walnut Art Deco armchairs.

Next, I met young 20th century dealer Henry Saywell, a really lovely and easy to talk to guy who shared info on his beautiful Maison Charles lamps and other items. He's not long gone solo after being the co-owner of 52 Meters, so his site hasn't got much on it at the mo, but you can sign up to his newsletter receive more info as it comes. 

Over at Fiona McDonald's stand, we found this great brass lamp and pair of 60s Italian armchairs that in the words of Will were 'so soft man'. He's so excited by them he's got his eyes shut. 

The third dealer I had the chance to have a good chat with was Martyn, from Puckhaber Decorative Antiques, who introduced us to his 'sinister looking Italian priest', that we loved. Puckhaber is a family business, with Martyn running the shop on Fulham's Lillie Road and his mother running a shop in Kent.

Martyn has been working in the industry for 5 years, and before that he worked in electronics! What a change. Inspiring! We chatted a bit about the quality of antiques and how people nowadays (me included sometimes) spend hundreds or thousands on items from high street shops, made out of chipboard and cheap materials, whereas older items have a real degree of craftsmanship and a quality that will last.

Anyway.. I could write a whole post on that but I wholeheartedly agreed. 

Onto this great sofabed from E&A Wates with brilliant William Morris upholstery. They also had this mannequin that my brother thought was wearing the shortest dress, ever. I had to let him know it was just the mannequin fabric. 

Loved these Brass cranes and Green Art Deco side chairs from Magus Antiques.


This Italian 70s table (are we seeing a theme here? Think I'm a tad obsessed with Italian 70s..) was just so cool. Held up by bronze horses, the pictures really don't do it justice. This was from Pruskin Gallery.

I also loved this piece of artwork but rushed by and forgot to grab details. LOVE IT!

It was great to meet Monique Relander, who comes over to the show from Belgium. She's always got brilliant pieces and this show was no different. LOOK at these flipping chairs! Almost Art Deco shell shaped but more splayed. These are actually 50s Italian, and Monique explained how she got them reupholstered into this brilliant fuschia velvet finish. She also had a kick-ass shelving unit. Guess what... Italian! 

So, drum roll!

My standout pieces were:


Without a DOUBT, these were my standout piece. The perfect shade of peachy pink. Those sexy thing legs with the brass tips. I mean seriously, had I died and gone to heaven?! I think in my words to my brother 'I want to just lie on the floor here and cuddle them.' These pink armchairs from Zugasti were my favourite. If you remember, Zugasti were one of my faves from last time too... Doing great things guys!

They also had this frickin' fabulous lighting. 

Closely followed by...

AAAAAH! How much do I want these?! From the lovely folks at Norfolk Decorative Antiques who also had a brilliant brass floor lamp (see below). These were priced at £395 per sphere so sadly a little out of my price range... or a LOT out of my price range, but one can dream! Wouldn't they make a brilliant statement piece over a tall, curved staircase? A hotel needs to pick these up. Pronto.

My third standout favourite piece was...


I mean seriously. It's. Just. Awesome. 

Nuff said really. It's from Ancient & Period Limited, and sadly I couldn't ask any questions as the lady running the stand was busy with customer. But what do you need to know, I mean, it's just SO GOOD. 

Can you tell I'm a bit excited by all these amazing antiques? 

After fully making sure we had seen every stand, we headed over to the cafe, Megan's for some yummy salad and cake in the sun!


We discussed;

our favourite pieces

our favourite overheard conversations by posh people

and our favourite ways to dress in order to look like a posh person (mine is to wear a jacket on your shoulders without your arms in the arms... does that make sense?) Either way, it looks posh.

We also fantasized about the day when we will be able to afford to buy everything we loved at the show. ONE DAY!

If you want to go along and look at some true antiques porn, then you have until 7pm tonight! Alternatively, just check out the Decorative Fair website to see future dates. 

So what do you think, what was your favourite piece from the above pics? Leave a comment below in the disqus section!

S x