One grey and raining evening this week, I was invited to meet a friend at the Courtauld Institute to discuss some secret future antiques plans (stay tuned for more). I hadn't ever visited before and didn't know that there was a gallery and university based within Somerset House just on London's Strand, so it was fun to be invited in to the building by Harrison and even get to go behind the scenes, with my meeting taking place in the slide room!

I was gratefully allowed to take some snaps around the beautiful building, and got one of the best views of Somerset House.

I was taken inside and up to the slide room, where I came across these vintage slide drawers that Harrison had already claimed from the institute before they were going to throw them away! What a result!

After we finished chatting, I was shown one of the best views of Somerset House, where the Courtauld is based. 

Harrison showed me around the building a little bit, where I ogled the beautiful staircase.

Talking of stairways, in complete contradiction the inner stairway of the Courtauld Institute was a total Pop Art wonder, pasted with photographs of students taken on one of the famous artists JR's projects. 

This is such a great effect I think, and one that could easily be achieved pretty inexpensively. I was going away with a head full of ideas!

I said my goodbyes and headed outside, not before stopping to take in the beauty of the arched ceiling within the entrance to Somerset House. Even in the pouring rain, this was London at its finest.

Have you been somewhere beautiful or inspiring recently?

S x