I'm a bit of a junkie for a good tea set. I recently got my first teapot when we moved house, from my mummy. It even matches the colour of my front door. I think one can truly feel an adult when they own a tea service. So, here to help you feel more adultly, I've picked out 7 of the hottest (I was going to call them coolest, but logic and all that) teapots IN THE LAND. 

1. Tom Dixon Form Teapot

Alright I mean, it's a total splurge at £140, but it's pretty flipping sexy and it's bound to hold value as Tom Dixon is one of the great designers of our time.

2. Horse Teapot from Zara Home

Really like the unusual detailing and the gold rim. Not bad at £29.99 either!

3. Half Past Seven - Thunder Blue by Gustav Kristensson

I am a bit in love with all off Kristensson's works. This deep ocean blue stoneware teapot just looks proper sturdy y'know?! It says SOLID. £59.31.

4. Benday Teapot in Gold

Alright, I know it's another pricey one at £124.17 (very precise pricing over at Clippings), but hey, it looks super posh and has gold dots all over it and a gilt handle. There's lots of gold - yes!

5. Lapsang Glass Teapot from Habitat

Pretty much a total steal at £18. It's one of those über modern ones where people can like, see what you're drinking and stuff. I'd recommend you put some flowering Jasmine tea in it to really show off. 

6. Biba Starburst Teapot

OMG, OMG, OMG. It's Art Deco Style. It's gilded. It's made by Biba. IT'S THIRTY QUID. This is my favourite of them all and has swiftly been added to my birthday present list. 

7. Bodum Eileen Tea Press

Alright, alright. It's not strictly a tea pot but it still does the job. And it has geometric cut outs. That's pretty awesome if you ask me. It's £56 so pretty mid range and rather sexy. 

Which is your fave?

S x