Yay! We finally have a new sofa. After going for a few years on the trusty old Ikea 'Klippan' we upgraded. In the end I totally ate my words and ended up loving a sofa from DFS made by French Connection, so we went with that. It's called 'Flint', and was just over a grand when you add the extra insurance we took incase Marley (or more likely me) spill stuff on it.

Here's some pics of how the new sofa looks in our living room. 

I spent a while deliberating over whether to go for a darker grey, but in the end I think this was the right choice as it's between the carpet and wall colour. I really like the almost linen-y finish of the fabric, and I'm going to try and see if we can find fabric like that and reupholster our pouffe.

It makes a big difference in the room not to have the two chunky white sofas we had before.

As you can see we had both sofas in the room and it just felt really cramped. So we're going to stick with one sofa and then get a pair of really cool armchairs. 

What do you guys think? Did I make the right choice with the colour?

S x