I'm starting a new feature. It's called 'Dinner & Decor' and will feature some delectable food in restaurants with just as delectable decor.

First up, and greatly timed to fall just after our 9yr wedding anniversary, hubby and I visited Sticks N Sushi in Covent Garden. Originally founded in Denmark, this Scandi chain is making it's way over the pond and now has a restaurant in Wimbledon as well as Covent Garden.

I'd seen some great reviews and pics online and after seeing the menu and the interior I was like HELL YEYAAAAAH! I wasn't sure Jason would be convinced as he kinda feels like sushi is a bit of a rip off sometimes and doesn't leave you feeling full. But I convinced him anyway, liek all good wives can, and we booked a table and headed over last weekend.

The outside of Sticks N Sushi is slick, black gloss, and almost missable as it looks like it could be the entrance to an artisan perfume shop or something. 

We arrived in the evening, and so it was considerably darker than I would imagine in the day. I LOVE DARK RESTAURANTS. Moody, sexy and atmospheric. Perfect for dates. 

Naked bulbs hung over the bar where we awaited our cocktails as our table at the downstairs sushi bar was being set. Theres a lot of exposed brickwork, warm woods and neutral grey leather topped stools. The colour palette is really neutral with warm browns, greys and blacks. 

Photo 03-05-2014 08 25 53 pm.jpg

Here's a proper interior shot, courtesy of UK Glam...


Our cocktails arrived, I went for the Fiji sunset (chilli, vanilla, kumquat and tequila) and Jason went for the Hotaru (rum based, surprise surprise!) and we were swiftly shown downstairs to our spot at the sushi bar, where the chefs prepare food in front of you. On the other side the chefs work on the 'sticks' - the yakitoris. 

Here the splashback is in a neutral colour and the bar itself is made out of a deep warm wood. Neons uplight the chefs as they work away preparing delicious sushi.

We scrolled through the menu salivating over every item... I've never wanted to eat as much from the menu as I did here. It just ALL looked fabulous.

Sticks N Sushi is pretty good as it has a whole host of set menus to share between two, varying from £12 up to £90. And not a set menu where you get some of the good stuff but a whole load of other crap - it was all delicious. We went for the 'table for 2' plus the spicy chicken bites. It had a great mix of fish and meat, as well as some edemame. We went for that, deciding we would add extra if we needed it. Boy we didn't! It doesn't look like loads but it was so filling and totally DELISH. I'm actually so hungry thinking about it now. Dribble. 

That was the before..

and after!

Whilst we waited for our food to settle down and ordered some water (their water is naturally filtered using these cool charcoal sticks) I went to check out the loos. I love a great restaurant bathroom!

They weren't breathtakingly 'wow' but by no means dull. Perfectly modern with black sanitary ware and basins in the cubicles, which I prefer over shared. It seems as women you're always waiting for someone to move out of the way. They smelt beautiful, both Jason and I tried to spy where their room diffusers were from with no luck. He also took pictures of the hand soap and moisturiser because he liked the smell, haha! 

Anyway back to the food.. I ordered a double espresso and we went for a shared tasting plate as I love a bit of everything. This had a creme brûlée, a chocolate fondant, a sorbet and chocolate ball rolled in white chocolate coated puffed rice.

This, was heaven. Every single pot was delicious, and I don't even normally like chocolate fondant, at all. We could have eaten two of these, easily! 

The night drew to a close as we both very almost loosened our trousers to get up! Suitably stuffed, but not in that sickly way. Perfect.

The bill came to just under £90, which I think is pretty reasonable, considering the sushi was probably the best I've yet tasted and the decor was atmospheric and warm. Oh - the soundtrack was also pretty banging, from what I can remember it ranged from house to soul and hip hop. Not distracting but enough for me to go 'hmm, good song choice.'

I think we will be back, as there was plenty on the menu that we didn't get to try this time! I would THOROUGHLY recommend this place. 5 stars, fo' sure!

We jumped in the whip back to Croydon, listening to Kendrick all the way home.

Have you ever been to Sticks N Sushi? Think you might after seeing my pics?! Leave a comment below (where it says disqus)... 

S x