*WARNING* Contains spoliers!

I don't know why I haven't done this sooner. If you know me, you will know I am OBSESSED, obsessed is not even a strong enough word, with Mad Men. I describe my interiors style as Betty Draper wearing Nike Air Max. So that probably about sums it up. So of course I've put together a guide to decorate your home Mad Men style!

Mad Men, when it started was set in 1960. 7 season later, we're now in 1969, so the styling and design of furniture, colour palettes and general style has updated. So, I'll run with the most up to date season and share how you can achieve the 1969 Mad Men style in your home.

This season, we've started to see more bright colours, the new computer in the office has ensured a room with floor to ceiling glass and Roger Sterling's space age office has really come into it's own (it all started to make sense when he went to the hippy commune to visit his daughter and he talked about wanting to go to the moon).

Here's some new furniture and styling we've seen in season 6 so far:


The Creative Room

The creative room. RIP. My favourite room has now been demolished to be replaced by 'the computer'. Sad times. Let's remember it in all its glory. Pop art touches, midcentury teak sideboards, creative scrapbooking on the walls, and a great set of Knoll executive chairs and 5 point chrome legs on the table.

Get this creative workspace look by using muted blues and greens, orange for accents, POP art prints, a black and teak sideboard, a metal orange lamp, fabric, chrome legged chairs and a white table with chrome 5 point legs.

Peggy's Office

Peggy's office! Peggy's really starting to come into her own and not afraid to show a touch of her femininity - did you see the handbag artwork on the wall in episode 4? A younger, less assured Peggy wouldn't have had that up for fear of being too girly. She's got some great funky colours going on in here with her purple and cobalt blue chairs, plus she even had her own signature glasses now (this has to be a nod to Don's modest and minimal Dorothy Thorpe glasses from earlier seasons), and she's not afraid to show their girly style either. 

Get Peggy's office look with bold, bright chairs, feminine accented decorative items, soft greys and a low level teak coffee table.

Don's Office

Don's new office! Sorry, I did warn you about the spoilers... Don's starting to look more and more old school in comparison to his springy-stepped younger colleagues. His office looks a little dark and dated (minus his bright space age chairs). It still has a great look though, and the freeform walnut credenza is pretty special, though not totally to my taste, and something tells me not Don's either. After inheriting Lane's office it feels like he may have inherited a few unwanted bits of luggage...

Get this look with bright, orange space style swivel chairs (with those 5 point chrome legs again), a dark walnut desk, carved wood sideboard and a great large piece of abstract art. You could even go all out and try some teak wall cladding, but something tells me that may not stand the test of time!

The Boardroom

The boardroom, always sleek in style, is completed with floor to ceiling glass, leather reclining chairs with chrome accents and some indoor shrubbery. How great are the armchairs and sofas in the waiting area too? Again we see those muted blues but a slightly lighter shade of teak on the large boardroom table.

Get the look with perfect condition Pieff leather chairs, a large polished teak table and LOTS of glass!

The Hallways

The hallways are full of brighter colours (there's that all encompassing sixties orange again) against muted greys and turquoise. Formica desks with white tops and chrome handles and legs are everywhere. And look, even the typewriters have become more sleek and space-age. 

Get the look with a bright orange feature wall and chair, a retro industrial turquoise desk with chrome legs and white top, and muted grey-blues on walls. 

The bad

Pete's LA office

Ok it's not that bad.. but over in LA they do things a little differently to a very sleek New York. Pete's office, like him, doesn't know what it is. Part traditional suburban homestyling, part contemporary New York.  There are some great features - the fabric and teak armed armchair on the right, the large dark green indoor plant and his brilliant rosewood desk. But the chandelier, beige walls and striped curtains? No thanks! Pete doesn't know if he's happy go lucky LA dude or uptight New Yorker, and I think his office reflects that.

Get the good bits of this look by investing in a pristine rosewood desk, large indoor 'swiss cheese' plant and light fabric covered midcentury armchair with teak armrests. 

The ugly

Megan's LA Apartment

MY EYES! This is Megan's new LA pad. Lord help me, it's appalling. Gone is the sleek modernist style of her shared Manhattan apartment with Don, and in is the free spirited, shaggy rug, pine cladded, brown carpeted apartment in LA. Oh dear Megan, what were you thinking? The clash of colours, textures and patterns is a mess. 70s hippy in all its glory. I really can't find anything I like about this room. The hanging fireplace was almost ok but combined with the mess of the rest, it almost looks tacky itself. So.. let's just forget this one shall we?!

Recreate the look by... just don't. Please. 

What do you guys think of the new series of Mad Men? Would you love an interior like some of the above?

S x