If you've been following my blog or social media accounts for a while, it's probably not gotten past you that I'm a massive, MASSIVE antiques fan. I've been to antiques roadshow and everything. My ultimate fantasy would be to work with antiques everyday. I know it's strange. I don't look like your average antiques collector (was trying to work out a lock stock and two smoking barrels pun for that sentence for a while, it just didn't work).

Someone quizzed me on it once. They asked why I was so drawn to it. My answer was this: the heady mix of the mystery of whom might have owned a piece, to the quality craftmanship not seen today, to the feel and look of a luxury item, to the wonder of whether you have discovered a lost gem, to the feeling of finding a bargain. It's a weird kind of bug and boy, I've got it. 

I've been looking online for some interesting classes or e-learning around antiques for ages. I know there is nothing quite the same as the real touch and feel of getting out there and learning yourself, but when work, family and entrepreneurial activities consume all of your time it's practically impossible. But there was just nothing good. Then, as if by magic, I met someone at work, an SEO guru, who happened to show me one of the clients websites he was working on. www.antiquesmasterclass.com.

The room and his voice faded as I honed in... there it was... JUST what I'd been looking for.

Online antiques classes, held by professional, renowned antiques experts, all for the price of an indian takeaway (around my ends anyway, I'm from Croydon remember). 

Guys, I have to tell you. I signed up THAT NIGHT when I got home and I've now watched the first two classes. The first was on early furniture (16th-18th century) and the one I am watching tonight is all about Silver. You get an hour or so long class every 2 weeks. Perfect for my schedule and I get so excited when I see the new email pop into my inbox. 

If you're anything like me and an antiques fan, I wholeheartedly recommend it! It teaches you in order and in easy bite size chunks, so you find out stuff you wouldn't pick up from watching hours of antiques roadshow (trust me, I've tried). I've also read all the books but It's great to have a presenter and expert talk you through it and have the presenter ask all of the questions I'd want to ask. It's fun and I genuinely remember the information better.

Anyway enough gassing - I could talk on this for hours. Just check it out. If you want to buy any antiques for your home or just for investment purposes this will give you the knowledge you need not to be ripped off.