Ahhh the days of living in a rented flat. Can we put shelves up? No. Can we hang some artwork? No. Make a mark on the wall? Expect your deposit to be capped son! It's not fair that people renting can't decorate. It's a human right goddamit! Why should you have to fork over your hard earned cash so they can 'fix the wall' after you hang pictures? Well you shouldn't, but unfortunately that's the way the world works.

We all know that unless you have a super cool landlord the likelihood of being able to hang photo frames or artwork is pretty slim. But there is such a thing as hanging pictures without nails. Here to save the day are Command 3m! They have created a picture hanging system perfect for anyone renting. I may sound like I have been paid to say this but I haven't, I just think it's pretty flipping awesome! I literally watched this video 5 times.

Watch how it works...

aaaand you're totally sold right?! The awesome guys at 3m sent me some to try after learning what a big fan I was, so I got to work hanging the pictures that I framed a couple of weeks ago (and have sat on the table staring at me ever since).

Here's the pictures I wanted to hang. The first piece of art is by Danny Sangra, who gave it to me personally after directing one of my old music videos. The second is a print of a cool lady from the 50s from Vintage In Print that my mum got me years back and never got around to hanging. The frame on that is a wicked gilt one that I got at the Ideal Home Show from Ayers and Graces. 

The strips come in large, medium and small, so I went with the medium for the gilt frame as it's quite heavy. They are almost like velcro strips with a sticky back. So you snap them together, stick on side on the frame and then the other one sticks to the wall. I got them all attached and ready to go on to the wall.

I got the picture all lined up and held it in place to get the sticky tabs to stick to the wall. I followed the instructions and pressed hard on all four tabs. Then it tells you to pull the picture off the wall so that you can properly put pressure on the wall tabs (which should now be stuck to the wall) so they are secure.

Oh. What happened? I worked out my wall is really not flat! So I went back and pushed it really hard to try and stick all four down. 

Then I tried to pull it off annnnndddd..... it was stuck. Really hard. So I threw caution to the wind and left it there. DONE! 


Next I moved on to the second, larger picture. The frame was quite skinny so again, being the rebel that I am, I cut the strips in half.

Thug Life.

I repeated the process and within 5 minutes, the second one was up!

They are super easy to put up, even for a homeowner the simplicity of not having to find nails and a hammer is enough. These literally took FIVE minutes. 

I really advise you to get some of these babies, they are super affordable and save you all the headache of having a landlord on your back trying to hold your deposit for filling in wall holes. I've been there!

S x