So now I've started my diploma I need a place to study. The living room isn't quite cutting it when you have the non stop police sirens and 80s tracks from Grand Theft Auto blasting alongside me whilst I try to work out what the hell I am doing with the scale ruler. 

A while ago we decorated the 'snug' as we call it, study to everyone else, but it was pretty boring. So last weekend I decided to jazz it up and really make myself a workspace! But before we get to that, you probably want to know what it looked like when we moved in. 


No, I have no idea what that small window is either.. It just went into the wall of the bathroom?! I can't work out for the life of me why it existed or what the layout of the flat would have been beforehand. It's one of the original windows. Baffling!



I wanted something creative and cosy. We had this great geometric wallpaper that I bought when Jason and I first got together and we weren't even renting a flat, let alone thinking about buying. I vowed that we would put it up in our first ever home. Well, I kept it and.. you can probably see it went up! DREAMS DO COME TRUE KIDS! Ok this is me basically making fun of something that actually holds a pretty significant emotional value to me but you know, that's how I do. 

The wallpaper basically worked as the backdrop for the space, and its backstory felt apt for an area that I would be spending making my next dream come true. 

I've been collecting postcards for a while now and trying to find the right space for them. They work well in this space as they serve as little bits of inspiration, and all of the things I love. From famous royals to pop art heroes and myself and my husband as kids, if I'm stuck for an idea I only have to glance up and something will spring to mind. 

Here's what we did. 

- filled the weird window thing and replastered

- stripped the wallpaper

- re painted all of the white surfaces

- used a cut off of our kitchen worktops to make a desk top

- bought legs from Ikea to work as desk legs

- lined the walls and put up wallpaper (the wallpaper is by Graham & Brown and is called Mode Illusion, afraid it's not made in that colourway anymore but they still do it in this cream colour)

- carpeted

- stuck up postcards

- added in our magazines, speakers, printer etc



As usual, it's not totally finished. I'd still like to get a proper chair (I have my eye on something like this) and get someone to build in a rack for all of our trainers on the right hand side where the weird window was. For now it's a great improvement from being the side room where we threw all of our random crap that didn't have a home.

I'm hoping to spend lots of happy hours in here building the dream!

So, what are you working on next? Leave a comment below in the 'disqus' section!

S x