Spring is in the air! We couldn't let this past Sunday go by without soaking in some soft sunshine. My husband, daughter and I along with my brother headed over to Dulwich Park to chillax! Dulwich is so beautiful and really doesn't feel like you're in London... It would be so lovely to own a property there and be able to call the area home. One day people, one day! Here are our pics from the day...

We took a stroll past the lake where you can hire pedalos and watched kids and adults on tricycles and sit down bikes (hard to explain but looked so fun)! Hungry for lunch we went over to the cafe and took a bench in the sun for some good old comfort food. Beer and cake! 

After stuffing ourselves full of fried food we went to the grass and lay down to chill out and catch some rays. Marley was enjoying wandering around on the grass, although I had to stop her eating a few questionable sticks and leaves! She's not quite walking yet but we had fun holding her hands and trying to get her to walk a few steps. Didn't have any breakthrough moments but I don't think it will be long :)

After a good hour or so in the sunshine we took a slow stroll back to the car, picking up ice cream on the way. Almond magnum, yum. We passed the Victorian Gate Lodge on the way out which must be the original park keepers house. Pretty cool. 

Let's hope Easter weekend is as nice! Do you guys have anything planned for the bank holiday?

S x

All photos shot on the Nokia Lumia 1020, it's awesome!