alternatives to ikea

Don't get me wrong, I bloody well LOVE Ikea. I mean they make awesome furniture, super duper Daim cake and it is Swedish after all (my family are part Swede, see my photo diary from my recent trip to Stockholm if you love all things Swedish)! But you know what I'm gonna say. EVERYONE'S GOT IT. Even if you go for what you think is the most obscure item they have you will still see it in your friend's bedroom or on the couch in Eastenders.

I mean, don't you remember THIS?

It's fine for some stuff and sometimes you just can't beat it, but I've put together 5 sexy alternatives to Ikea.



I cannot believe I'm about to say this... Why don't you look at... D.... DF... ARGH I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE ok just look at DFS! 

Yes, I know what you're thinking. DFS is tacky and chavvy. Yes, that's what I thought. Until I thought I'd check it out one day and realised they actually have some good sofas! Yep, they look quite... cool! Granted they always put far too many pillows on them and the prices are a little over what they should be but hey, it's buy now pay like, never so you don't need to worry about that. Plus you can always take off their throw cushions and replace them with some cool, unique ones. You can also customise the fabric and leg material usually too. Here's a few of their sofas I like.

Berneray Maxi Sofa, £1998

Berneray Maxi Sofa, £1998

Dusty 4 seater sofa, £1598 in Teal.

Dusty 4 seater sofa, £1598 in Teal.

Flint 4 seater sofa, £1098 in Heather. 

Flint 4 seater sofa, £1098 in Heather. 

I actually ended up buying the Flint!

DFS flint sofa french connection

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Ok I'm gonna cheat here and instead of giving you one alternative will give you FOUR! H&M home, Zara Home, TK Maxx and Primark have great soft furnishing bits and bobs, from towels to bedlinen to cushions. Zara and H&M let your order online but Primark is in store only. Elbows at the ready.



alternatives to ikea


B&Q is where you need to head for lighting. They have a huge selection and similar to Ikea in ranging prices from really affordable to a bit more luxury. I've already got the globe pendants. Snazzy. As my mum would say.


For decorative items it HAS to be eBay. Either browse the antique section to be inspired by miscellaneous objects or go in with even the most niche of items and I'm sure there will be on for sale. Think bookends, vases, vintage dinnerware, coffee table books... Set up alerts to hear about when the thing you want gets listed. 

Find out more about how to use eBay to find unique pieces at bargain prices by watching my video below!


I am about to reveal my best kept secret. I hope you appreciate this nugget of gold you are about to receive...

Charity Furniture Shops!

Most areas have them, we have a few around here and I've found some wicked stuff. Midcentury teak stuff is in abundance, around here at least. Coffee tables, sideboards, bookshelves, wardrobes, you name it. Grab yourself a bargain (seriously, I'm talking Art Deco sideboards for like £30). I may now have to fight you all off from my local one but it's ok, I'm reaping good furniture karma. 


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