It's so important to spend quality time with your partner. Especially once you have kids it's so easy to fall in to a routine of doing stuff as a family but never alone as a couple. Jason and I decided we needed a bit of lovey-dovey romantic time together and never ones to conform to the norm, our romantic date involved a trip to the National Portrait Gallery. 

After dropping the little one off to my mums for a day of adoration we drove into town. Nearly getting off to a bad start before we had even arrived after Jason having a bout of road rage and then me having a bout of rage at his road rage (I know, it makes no sense) we quickly made friends again and arrived in Covent Garden. You don't stay mad for long when you've been married 9 years. We took a little stroll before heading into the gallery. I've never been, so instead of opting for the David Bailey exhibition and to maximise on free-ness (technical term) we toured the rest of the gallery. 


The space is beautiful, so peaceful and inspiring. Loads of beautiful damasks and deep rich coloured fabric covered walls. We only took in a few sections as our stomachs were already rumbling but we fascinated together over oil paintings that were so life like it almost looked like you could reach out and stroke the hair, lifesize busts and my personal favourite, the Tudors room! I was a bit obsessed with Tudors as a kid. Yep, I was way cool. I also loved this super 80s portrait of Prince Charles by Bryan Organ.


Jason and I laughed about how when we first met the idea of spending the day at the National Portrait Gallery would have been really boring, yet now we have such fascination for it. Proper oldies hey?

After a little stroll around Covent Garden deciding on where to eat (me having visions of a little independent eaterie) we decided upon the ever so original... Wagamamas. Haha! You can't go wrong really though can you?

S x