Today I had to go to the post office for work, and right next door is a little charity shop. Of course I couldn't resist popping in... boy I'm glad I did! This is like, THE BEST charity shop finds I've ever had! It's like the universe had aligned a lovely little collection of all of the types of things I love (i.e, gold things).

So the fashion bloggers do 'fashion haul', the beauty bloggers do 'beauty hauls'... well I my friends, am starting the trend of the 'charity shop haul'!

The first thing I spotted was this wicked little bowl, that's got a cool little wobbly pattern on the outside. A little Keith Haring almost? It's strangely got some hand painted little flowers inside. They kind of don't match but I LOVE that. It's got a bit worn around the rim so I might see if I can touch it up with some gold paint. I think I'm going to use it as a fruit bowl. It was £4. 

Next, I came across with really cool vintage brass looking apple shaped ice bucket. It's actually plastic but looks pretty decent. The top leaf is metal. Inside it's labeled 'freddotherm' which after a bit of net searching, I found out is an old vintage make. They did lots of funky ice buckets back in the day. It's a cool and different take on the brass pineapple which is really on trend at the moment. I have no idea what I'll use it for yet. Not ice, I mean, I have ice in a drink probably about 4 times a year. So maybe a business card holder?! It was £3. 

As I was walking around the little shop, I found these brass pineapple...coasters? Pot stands? God knows, But they look cool and I wanted them. They were £2 each. I'll probably use them to stand the teapot on when we have people round. 

Lastly, to top it all off, I found a vintage St Michael tweed-y ish pencil skirt and two fine knit jumpers, perfect for the transition into Spring. One was a cashmere knit from Uniqlo and the other from Reiss. Boom! I think these were £3.75 each. Bargain. 

Overall I'm pretty pleased with this little selection, all for just over £20, plus that money is going to a great cause. And I won £4 on a scratch card. And a lovely lady sent me an interiors book. In the words of Ice Cube, 'today was a good day'.

Actually I did spill a cup of tea onto that grey carpet you see above, so that bit was a bit crap.

S x

PS - all these photos were taken on the Lumia 1020. It's awesome!