You may have noticed that I've added a little suttin suttin up the top in the navigation bar. You got it, I've opened a shop! People are always asking where I recommend they shop for statement pieces, so I've created an area just for you guys.

Inside you'll find a curated selection of my favourite items for the home. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I have finding them. You can expect to find geometric prints, great colours, a mix of modern and period styles and lots of metallics. Most are statement pieces that can be dressed alongside your regular and more affordable items from Ikea etc. 

Keep an eye on the shop as each week I'll be updating it with new items and sections. I've only had time to do Soft furnishings, lighting, decorative and dinnerware at the moment, but soon I'll be adding more.

Click here to browse the shop. 

I'd love your feedback on it, and it would be great to know what kind of items you are looking for your homes (leave your comments below).

Happy browsing! 

Sarah x