I've been feeling really frustrated recently. I'm loving this blog and being able to share my visions and style with you guys, and it's even better to hear and be told that you're enjoying it! But I really want to share my own photos of my own styling and room designs, not other people's, and I've been getting frustrated because something is holding me back from being able to show it to you.

I, just like you guys, have to work to an affordable budget. This mean that every room in our home is half done in my eyes. Our bedroom needs new curtains. In our bathroom we have no shower curtain or rail. We need new sofas. The hallway floor is half finished. I could go on and on and on! When we first bought this flat, we put aside 3 months to spend doing it up and a modest budget of less than 5k to do everything. I'm talking renovation work, decorating AND furniture. I wanted it to look like it was worthy of the pages of ELLE decoration before we even moved in. Friends told us 'oh just wait, you'll still be working on it in a year.' 'Yeah right.' I thought.

A year on, we are still only about halfway through the work I want to do. It's taken me a while to come to terms with the fact that it's not goin to be perfect for a while. That every time friends come round I will have the scripted disclaimer in my head ready to go. 'We're still working on...' 'That's not quite finished yet...'

It's why I'm scared to show pictures of certain rooms as they are at the moment because in my eyes they're not good enough. 

But then I stopped for a minute to think about everything we HAVE achieved since moving in just a year ago. All of the major works are done. I love the space. Sometimes I'll be sitting in one area and just remember how cold and crap it was when we first bought the place and how lovely, warm and inviting it is now. I think about all of the amazing houses I see online and in magazines and wonder if they still have little things that they are frustrated by not being able to fix just yet. It always seems like everyone else manages to get it done, but maybe that's just because we don't see what they see.


So this is a post just to say, don't beat yourself up about it. Our spaces may not be perfect. They may not be done. They may never really be 'finished'. But we have them, and we need to enjoy and embrace them. Create memories in them and relish the flaws. So from now on I vow to show you guys the rooms in my home, as I'm working on them. I'll show you the things that are frustrating me, and what I want to do to them, and then what we're doing to fix them as and when we can afford it. I'll be honest and say when sometimes, we just can't. Sorting the damp in a room or having a built in wardrobe may have to wait until next month, or the month after. We're all there at some time or another right?!

Let's be grateful we have such wonderful spaces, flaws and all, as many, many people around the world don't even have shelter. 

S x

What would you love to do next in your home but not been able to yet?