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When we bought our 1930s Art Deco flat, the whole place was in need of a renovation. Nothing structural, but the flat was a bit of a shell. It didn't have any carpets or flooring, but it did have a nasty old bathroom and kitchen.

The bathroom was our first priority, and we actually considered leaving the kitchen until everything else had been done that meant we could move in. We also hadn't really allocated the budget for it. We could live with the kitchen being crap. 

Well, that lasted for all of about five minutes. We shifted a few things around and made the kitchen a priority along with the bathroom. Considering I spend a massive amount of my time in the kitchen I am SO glad we didn't end up leaving it. Chances are it may have even looked like that still now as life always seems to get in the way of things. The 'found' budget meant that we had to be a bit creative and cut some corners. Therefore, no full on kitchen remodelling, this was a case of sprucing up what already existed.

Here's how it looked when we bought the flat (note I didn't use obligatory grey colour filter)



As you can see the previous owner had chucked a bit of white paint onto the cupboard doors to try and brighten them up. Shame they did such a crap job of it (imagine this kind of paint work, ALL OVER THE HOUSE)! You can also see the original red floor tiles and another entrance to a separate room, which ended up becoming my daughters bedroom. 

The inspiration


Throughout the flat I wanted to stay true to its original Art Deco style, but it's really hard to bring that into a kitchen without it looking totally tacky. Using the bright and airy 1920s conservatory spaces as an influence (think Nucky Thompson's conservatory as a reference) I wanted to use the large loft style windows and dark wood to create a space with a modern feel, incorporating subway tiling and green living plants. 

So here's what we did.

- Filled the extra doorway and plastered the wall

- Sanded and painted all cupboards with a brilliant white satin emulsion

- Added white subway tiles to create a splashback throughout the whole room

- Removed the old doorhandles and replaced with modern ones

- Replaced the worktops

- Replaced the sink and taps

- Painted walls in a soft grey

- Added a blackboard wall using blackboard paint for shopping lists, meal plans and Marley's artistic output

- Replaced the hob

- Painted the floor tiles 

- Replaced light switch with an awesome chrome toggle switch 

here's the finished results!


We're not totally finished with the kitchen, I'd like to add some shutter blinds, box in the boiler, change the light fixture and potentially lose the side cupboard (seen in last pic) and move the fridge to that space to free up floor space. But for now it's so much better than it was and a pleasing space to cook in!

S x