I had a bit of a revelation recently. I noticed that if you spend time on things that you consider major changes to a room's style (paint updates, changing flooring, new wallpaper) these time consuming changes can be instantly eclipsed by statement items. You could repaint a whole room just for a friend to walk in and say 'Wow, I love your cushions!'. That's not to say the rest doesn't matter, but if you're looking to make a room instantly interesting and 'cool' then these 3 instant updates will give your room the WOW factor. So come with me peeps, and lemme (Beyonce style) upgrade you with some ideas for decorating a living room. 


Nothing can instantly change the whole vibe of a room like lighting. Not only will it shift the mood by adding another layer to your lighting scheme, but statement lighting really grabs the eye. Watch how many comments you'll get when you add a dope lighting feature. Get all cosy in that warm glow and then come back and tell me how it's made your room everything you ever hoped it would be.

It sounds major. IT IS.

find the items from the image


1. Alphabet Hollywood Light, notonthehighstreet.com, £325

2. 1960s Bakelite and Glass Industrial Table Lamp, The Gifted Few, £110

3. Bloc Greenheart, Offkut, £340

4. Square Floor Lamp, made.com, £119

5. Vintage Industrial Lamp, eBay, £145

6. Art Deco Shell Desk Lamp, eBay, £100

7. Photographic Floor Lamp, Habitat, £90


From cushions to throws, seat pads to rugs, quirky soft furnishings are where it's at. You could pretty much have a white box room and simply add one or two pieces to create a really bold look. Just avoid throwing too many clashing prints in as it may end up looking like a design student just puked on your sofa.

find the items from the image


1. Quatrefoil Cream and Navy Cushion Covers, Etsy, £39.25 for two

2. Woven Blanket, H&M, £29.99

3. Stockholm Rug, Ikea, £160

4. Patterned Cushion Covers, Zana Products, £17.78 each

5. Custom Size Felt Ball Rug, Etsy, Starting from £98

6. Seat Cushion, H&M, £9.99 each


If I see another piece of Banksy wannabe art I might cry. Please step away people. Do the right thing, invest in interesting up and coming artists or vintage photography and advertising. Hell, even draw a picture if you need to! Get something on those walls that will start a conversation. Above are some of my favourites.

Don't worry about grouping styles or colours. The more random the better. use this as inspo.