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Hello! It's that strange gap between xmas and NYE and I must say I'm quite enjoying it. Having no work on and being super relaxed has definitely shown me how stressed I am during the week normally so it's been a bit of an eye opener. Anyway, for the first time ever I hosted xmas at our flat, and I also received some brilliant goodies from Dwell just in time to get the place looking extra snazzy for our christmas guests...

I started the morning in relaxed fashion by making some French toast for hubby, Marley and I. As I'd done all the planning and a bit of cooking (meringues for the Eton mess) the night before I didn't have loads to do in the morning. 

homemade meringue
french toast

While hubby then got the flat all nice and tidy (he's so much better at it than me!) I started to prep the food. Did I mention we weren't doing turkey? I'm not really one to do the norm! Here was my menu:


Roasted peach, parma ham and spinach stack with balsamic dressing


Roast duck leg, asparagus and gruyere dauphinoise potatoes served with a plum and red wine reduction


Eton mess

Profiteroles with chocolate sauce and Baileys cream

After breakfast I needed to mix up the various parts for the Eton mess (which would be combined later), slice the peaches ready for roasting, peel and slice all of the potatoes, make up the cream and gruyere sauce for the dauphinoise, trim the asparagus and dress the duck legs ready for roasting. The chalkboard wall in my kitchen came in very handy here!

You can get chalkboard paint here. I really recommend it for Kitchens!

I'm such a messy cook! All a part of the process I think. 

Now all the food was prepped I went and got ready for my guests to arrive, in this case my mum, brother and sister in law. The I took some silly snaps with Marley.

Then I started to work out how I wanted to dress the table. I'd got some really cool Kelly Hoppen gold Christmas coral so I used those along with some gold charger plates and monochrome mats. I hadn't really pre-planned this and that's something I'll think more about next year to make it even more special.

I'd been lucky enough to get an early christmas present from Dwell to help get my home snazzed up in time for Christmas day. I chose this classic floor lamp to brighten up our living room a bit during the darker months and a cow canvas artwork for the hallway.

arc lamp living room

The marble slabbed arc lamp is a classic and provides really good lighting, either faced downwards for an overhead glow, or used as task lighting when I'm reading or we're eating. It's a great piece that I know would work in any room in the future. 

cow art canvas

I love the pop art style of the cow canvas and given that we are likely to paint our hallway olive green in the coming weeks I think it's going to look great against it! 

*If you want this cow artwork for your own home then good news... it's on sale at just £74 down from £149! BARGAIN! Click here...*

Whilst getting my table ready I had a small helper...

Before I knew it my family were arriving and it was time to put the food in the oven and open the presents!

We watched Marley get so excited opening her (what seemed like) hundreds of gifts from everyone. Her very favourite though was a gift from me and Jason, a Jessie doll from Toy Story. She now loves it so much that it has to go to bed with her and kept us away all through xmas night as she kept pulling the string so that the doll would talk... imagine 'YEEEEEHAWWWW' at 3am. Seriously!

I got some great pressies, more of that in another post!

Yes, you may have noticed Marley had an outfit change by this point, what a diva...

Then it was time to eat!

After that we retreated to the sofa, stuffed, to watch Marley open even more presents! As the evening wore on my family left and I watched the Downton Abbey Christmas special while Jason spent 2 hours putting our very exited child to sleep!

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Did you guys all have a lovely Christmas day? What are you getting up to in the 6 day gap between Christmas and New Year's eve?

S x