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Hey! Are you getting all geared up for xmas? I've just written out my prep list on the kitchen blackboard. Knew it would come in ultra handy one day! 

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Anyway... as I think back to last xmas it feels very special to me. Not just because it was my first year of working in an office over xmas and so getting a whole 2.5 weeks off PAID (seriously not to be looked down on) but because it was when I reincarnated the Sarah Akwisombe blog, once a wasteland of random outfit snaps, meandering thoughts and business advice with no real purpose, and turned it into a blog that would be dedicated to my passion for interiors and home decor. 

That's right people... it's my ONE YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY!

Here's one of my first ever posts, as you can see I was still in the 'meandering thoughts' territory, but this was a blog that captured a lot of people's hearts I think. Especially the introverts! Read it here. 

I remember I had such a fire in my belly and so much momentum over that christmas period! I had a vision for where the blog could go and it was all an exciting new journey.

A year on I'm so incredibly pleased to say that's it's taken me to places I really wouldn't have expected, at least not in my first year.

In 2014 I...

- won 2 awards for blogging, the Amara Interior Blog award for best newcomer, and the winner of the home design blog awards!

- lost one job, got a new job, then got fired from that job and decided to go freelance to build up my blog and business as it was going so well (read more about that here, it was one of my most popular posts. It also got me in a heap of trouble but, oh well! Haters gon' hate and all that)

- got my first paid sponsored post

- received my first free gift from a brand who actually wanted me to have their stuff for free

and SO MUCH MORE! Even small things like getting your first sponsored post as a blogger can mean the world. It shows you have an audience that a brand want to reach and that they believe in you being the vehicle for it. That's quite an endorsement. 

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These blogs were my most popular in my first year of blogging, so you might be interested to check them out and see why they became my most read posts...

Jan - Lifestyle for Less: Mod / Mono

Mar - My review of The Ideal Home show (My first ever sponsored post AND my first video!)

london interior stylist
unique home decor

In my first year I've learnt an incredible amount about the work and effort that goes into creating an award winning blog and how to turn it into an actual income generating business. I'm becoming more and more passionate about sharing my blogging insight and have even started coaching a couple of my own clients who have recently started blogging. I'm toying with the idea of making this one of my services, so if this is something you might be interested in please leave your details in the form below and we can discuss further!

So as 2014 draws to a close I reflect fondly on my first year as an interiors blogger. I've got so many exciting things coming for next year that I just can't wait to share with you, so here's to 2015!

S x