best afternoon tea in London

Ahh traditional British afternoon tea. There's just nothing like it. So when I was invited along to the stunningly designed Rosewood hotel In Holborn for afternoon tea with my fellow winners of the Amara Interior Blog awards, obviously it was a straight YES! And I think this has to be some of the best afternoon tea in London I've ever had as we were treated like absolute royalty by the Rosewood staff and the tea and cakes really spoke for themselves...

I joined Jeska from Lobster and Swan, Lucy from Lucy Will Show You, Geraldine from Little Big Bell, Katy from Apartment Apothecary and the Amara team for an indulgent afternoon tea and cake in the mirror room, a dramatic lounge full of mirrors, marble, leather and reflections. 

As we sat down we were treated to a sublime selection of teas, of which I was so kindly advised by the waiter to go for the dragon tea! We were taught all about the different teas and the 'first, second and third flush' essentially the art of adding more hot water to the leaves after the first batch has been consumed. I'm getting more and more into this tea stuff and currently a bit obsessed with Sencha green tea. Not a bad thing to be obsessed with I 'spose...

After tea was served we were treated to a selection of perfectly formed sandwiches. I mean, just look at that Salmon and cream cheese sandwich! IT'S SERIOUS!

In between the sandwiches and the next round (scones, yes) I went for a little wander to take some pictures of the completely extravagant christmas decor and some bathroom selfies. Obviously. 

Probably not the most appropriate outfit for afternoon tea at one of the poshest hotels in London but hey... that's how I roll! My 'mom' jeans and leopard flats are from ASOS (been living in these jeans, so comfy!),  and my space elephant tee is from Hype. 

I arrived back at the table to scones... yayy! My fave. Accompanied with not only the sweetest most delicious jam and clotted cream but also a tangy lemon curd. I basically smothered the scones in all of it and then tried to eat like a lady.

After some lovely chatting with the ladies I had to make my excuses to leave... even before we were served cake! Before I'd even realised the day had slipped away from me and I was due back in Croydon for a massage appointment. It's a hard life being me sometimes! 

Luckily for me I was sent on my way with a doggy bag of treats for the hubby when I got home :)

I must say a big thankyou to Amara for treating us to afternoon tea and The Rosewood hotel for the absolutely brilliant service and surroundings. 

Where have you had the best afternoon tea?

S x