amara interior blogging awards winners goodie bag

If you read this blog or follow me on social media, you will see I have not stopped banging on about my Amara Interior Blogging Award win! On the night I was lucky enough to take home a winners goody bag filled with lovely bits and bobs for the home. Here's the full rundown of what I won and which pieces I love most. 

Missoni hand towel

missoni hand towel

This is a really cool little hand towel, really funny as we just got a new chevron one for our bathroom and needed a second one for when it's in the wash... the universe heard me! I've always loved Missoni but never owned anything so it's a lovely little gift. 

Amara orange and clove mini scented candle

amara winners goodie bag

All night at the awards everyone was commenting on how delicious the room smelt. That was thanks to these Amara brand candles which have a lovely warm and spicy citrusy scent. Delish! This one now sits in our entry hallway ready to give our guests that same gorgeous smell that we experienced on the night. 

Fatboy fabric bound notebook

fatboy notebook

I have a seriously unhealthy obsession with notebook. I love what they represent - new ideas, hard work, passion and scribbled notes. This is a nice thick one with blank pages which is perfect for when I need to sketch out room ideas. I've decided that as this book represents a really positive event in my life I will use it to document the start of my interior business... though I don't know what it is yet!

Body butter and chocolate sheep from Hotel Chocolat

amara winners goodie bag

No goodie bag is complete without some edible goodies right?! I've hidden this one from my daughter as I think she's going to gobble it up in 3 seconds flat, but the body butter I have tested and it's luxuriously rich and smells yummy!

Fatboy tablet case

Fatboy tablet cover

Fatboy were my category sponsor on the night so I have some extra goodies from them. This is a really thick and protective tablet case, unfortunately I have an iPad mini which is a tad too small to use it so I'll find a worthy friend and pass it on as a gift.  

missoni candle amara goodie bag

This is a pretty big candle with a scent of tobacco orange and bay leaves. I've been after a scented candle that had a quite masculine fragrance for a while after falling in love with the True Grace Library candle, and this is just perfect! I also LOVE the black and white pattern. It's sitting on our living room sideboard but I have told hubby we are strictly only to burn it on special occasions! What a loser I am...

PENHALIGON'S scent library

penhaligons scent library

Another universe answering gift! I've been out of perfume for months now and it's just one of those things that always seems to fall to the end of my priority list when shopping (new accessories or cushions always seems to win out). This is a library containing testers of a range of different scents, each different. It's a great way to try out something unusual and I've already been enjoying wearing them. Penhaligon's also do an Earl Grey scented candle which sounds right up my street! 

Bang & Olufson keyring

bang and olufson keyring

Ok I'm not gonna lie, hubby was pretty disappointed when he discovered that these weren't a pair of headphones he could steal! But this keyring is a pretty sexy object to hang your keys on and of course, he's nicked it. 


culvi room spray review

Ok, this is FOR SURE the thing I have been most impressed with. Hubby got a little spray happy and decided to do a few spritzes of this room spray around the house while I was out. THREE DAYS later it is STILL in the air! Can you believe that?! Yes, my excessive use of caps I hope demonstrates my excitement at this! At £32 this is well worth buying as will last a while. Hashtag-well-impressed.

Silk scarf from REISS

reiss silk scarf amara blog awards

A beautifully made silk scarf from REISS was also included. It's a light grey with feather print pattern, and though not my personal style this will be going into my props for styling as I can see myself using the lovely silk texture in some shots. Or I may just gift it to someone special :)

So as you can see there were some greats bits and bobs in there, especially around home fragrance which is just what I needed at the moment. I love being introduced to new brands and will have such a happy feeling when I use or experience any of these gifts as a result of my win.

Have you tried out any of the products I got in my winners goodie bag? You guys definitely need to try the Culti room fragrance!

S x