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So last night my hubby and I headed over to the Rosewood hotel in Holborn to find out if I'd won Best Newcomer at the Amara Interior Blog awards that I was shortlisted for thanks to you guys!

In the lead up to the event I was both excited and nervous, I so badly wanted to win. I know that sounds awful to say but I had visualised it in my head so many times that if I'd lost I think I would have been really gutted! In July I was fired from my full time job, and I took it as the start of changing my life and starting to shape the life that I have wanted for years. I had a bit of a bumpy start, but after 5 months things could NOT be going any better. So to visualise a win would have made it all worth it. 

I deliberated over what to wear a bit before I left. The invite said cocktail dresses and lounge suits, so naturally I wore tailored trousers and a polka dot shirt, and hubby wore a lumberjack shirt, chinos and trainers. LOL! We are not really ones to conform...

sarah akwisombe

We arrived at the Rosewood a little early so were guided by the very amazingly dressed doorman to have a drink in the Scarfes bar. Boy, is it beautiful! Ok, two rum and cokes cost me over £20 but hey, it's was ALL about the experience and atmosphere.

rosewood hotel doorman

We also took some pics around the hotel. Who could resist?! Every area was styled to perfection, and not in a 'hotel' type way, but just in a really beautifully thought out way. 

When we entered the room of the awards after a drink in the bar we were overtaken by the gorgeous surroundings and scent in the air. Delish! We grabbed some free drinks and I hit up the logo wall to pose for hubby.

sarah akwisombe best newcomer amara interior blog awards

As we waited for the awards to start I got to meet some amazing bloggers that I look up to and admire so much. I also met some of my competitors, which wasn't awkward at all as they were all so kind and lovely. There are definitely some future friendships to be made there I think. It was amazing for me to meet people and actually hear them say they had been reading my blog and watching my videos. Blogging can seem like you're talking to no-one at times, so the feedback in person was really fulfilling. 

Don't take any notice of the blurry pic, blame hubby for that one!

Here's me with The bloggers from Dursk, Decorenvy and Little Big Bell - go check out their awesome blogs! But read to the end here first :) 

interior blog awards

And now the big event. As the awards started to be called out with the winners being announces one at a time, I was really getting anxious!

amara interior blog awards

Then my award came up. I braced myself for a bit of disappointment but also remembered my visualisations of winning. And then that was it... My name was called. I HAD ONLY BLOODY WON!

I literally bounced up to the stage giddy with excitement. I think someone was filming me so I really don't want to see that footage as I must look like a prize idiot.... but whatever, I was SO PLEASED. I was overcome with the feeling of what it's like to have a visualisation realised. What an incredible feeling. If I felt like that at the blogging awards can you imagine what it feels like to win an Oscar?!

I grabbed my prize goody bag and trophy and went back to the wall for my winners photo. I then ran back to hubby for a celebratory kiss and was being congratulated by all of the people around me. What an awesome feeling!

As the night went on we drank more prosecco, chatted to more of my fellow bloggers and generally had an awesome night. Then I got home to investigate my goody bag... pics to come of what I got in my winners bag!

I just want to say a huge thankyou to everyone who voted for me to be shortlisted and the judges for choosing me over my fabulous competition. I'm so truly grateful to every single one of you who are reading this blog and helping my dream become reality :)

S x