how to make fluffy baubles

If you're anything like me you will be looking for some alternative, chic and stylish options for your christmas decorations. I'd found some pretty awesome fluffy marabou feather baubles online but they were going to stretch my budget a little, so I decided to head down to my local hobbycraft and see if I could make some myself! Should I mention I am definitely NOT a craft queen? Kirsty Allsopp I am not. Anyway, here's the pictorial...

You will need:

DIY christmas bauble tutorial

I got all of the above (apart from the scissors) at Hobbycraft. The feathers were £1.50 a bag, the baubles were 50p and the glue was about £2. You probably need about a bag of feathers for each bauble depending on how economical you can be! I got a few bags just in case (but I had loads left over).


So the first step is to get all your feathers out and look for the ones with the flat ends. Like this...

These babies will be the first layer of the baubles. As the baubles are made from cardboard they need to be covered by a flat white layer first. Snip the flat ends off of your feathers to stick onto the bauble.


Start painting your glue all over one side, but leave the other side dry so you have something to hold. When sticking the flat bit of the feather you want to make sure they are all pointing in the same way that they would if you held the feather downwards by its tip.

It's at this point that I should tell you to NOT BUY THE GLUE I BOUGHT. It totally took too long to dry so it got really messy and I ended up with feathers stuck all over the place and a very tacky bauble. Your best bet will probably be some good old Copydex. remember those days at school where you would paint it onto your arm and then rip it off like rubber? No? Just me then...

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It's at this point the other side of your bauble starts to resemble an old man's head. It looks a bit like Jimmy Saville. Shudder...

DIY feather fluffy baubles


After you have covered the whole of your bauble, now comes the fun bit....

Go and make a cup of tea and wait for it to dry.

Cup of tea


Now you need to go back to your fluffy feather pile and find all the cutesy little ones that are all fluffy and sweet. These will make up your top layer. If any of them have thick quills, then either snips them diagonally halfway down to where the quill is thinner, or don't use them and look for thinner ones. Much easier.

Now you want to stick all the little fluffy ones over the underneath layer of your feathers. Start on one side of the bauble and work your way around. 


Lastly, you just want to give it a once over and look for any 'bald' patches of your old man's head or any clumps of glue and just make sure it looks all feathery and nice.

DIY feather bauble

and Voila! Here'e two I made earlier...

How do you think the non-crafty girl did? Would you try this out at home?

S x

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