It seems like everywhere we turn nowadays there is a piece of new home technology that demands to be noticed. But honestly, how much of it is actually useful? Do I really need a robotic letterbox that flings my post into my awaiting hands each morning, or a toilet roll holder that also conveniently holds my iPad?! Ok, I made those up (the first one at least). But I have seen some pretty awesome pieces of home technology that are genuinely useful whilst I've been out and about shooting in some amazing location houses. Things that genuinely had me thinking... I need to get that! So here are my top 5 genuinely useful pieces of home technology. 

1. A boiling water tap

This might sound like a luxury, but think about how many times you fill your kettle on a day that you're at home. 2/3 times for tea, a couple of times for cooking? And that's if you're an average tea drinker like me... for all you big brew and coffee lovers then I can imagine more! A boiling water tap is the ultimate luxury but it's also bloody convenient. 

These are still expensive but I would expect prices to drop over the next few years as they become more and more normal! Check out Quooker, who are a boiling water tap manufacturer. 


2. Underfloor heating controlled by your smartphone or tablet

Ok we've all seen the control-your-heating-by-your-smartphone gadgets that are becoming a standard thing now. But the new luxury is being able to control your underfloor heating with your smartphone! Just imagine this... you've just woken up on a Saturday morning, you need to hop into the bathroom for a quick shower before heading out but URGH the thought of stepping onto a cold floor in winter makes you shudder. Thermotouch allow you to control your underfloor heating from your smartphone or tablet so that you can glide onto warm cosy flooring every morning. Now doesn't that sound like bliss?! I just need to save up for the underfloor heating now!


3. Wireless hifi system

My sister got a Sonos speaker as a gift a few months ago. I really didn't get it, or why anyone would need it at first. But then when I started thinking about our home music system, which consists of practically a different hifi in every room, which needs to be switched on and off as I move around the flat, I got it. Sonos allows you to control your music all from one library (Spotify, iTunes etc all included) and play to any of your Sonos speakers around your space. It's also a great way for loads of people to send music to one central music system, so it's great for parties or offices. Well, the ones who actually let you play music at least. Sorry suits!

4. Home energy monitor

Efergy have developed a home energy monitor that shows you your electrical usage in real time through your computer and mobile devices. Pretty amazing in that for just under £60 you can cut down on your energy usage and therefore your bills. Just beware though, it's been known to turn its users into 'light switch tyrants'! I think this is one that I'll personally be investing in. I have absolutely no idea how it works (is it magic? How does it know?!) but I'd be intrigued to know if anyone has any insight... ha ha!

5. Robot vacuum cleaners

Ok I have to be honest, hoovering is NOT my least favourite home cleaning activity. In fact, there is something strangely therapeutic about going over the same spot and picking up fluff. Don't get ti twisted though, that's probably as far as any kind of enthusiasm for cleaning will go. And honestly, if I could have a robot vacuum cleaner do it for me would I? Hell yeah! I have things to do people! The home robot vacuum cleaners have advanced a bit from the old days where they just seemed like something more fit for cats to ride around on. 

Are you swaying towards investing in some new home-tech to impress your buddies? Do you already have some (you supercool dude you)?! 

What did I miss off the list that you've seen recently?

S x