self obsessed moment.. it's my 2014 new years resolutions!

Resolution One: Learn how to write 'resolutions'

Resolution One: Learn how to write 'resolutions'

You heard it right, I have joined the ranks of the internetosphere's most self obsessed and am sharing my 2014 new years resolutions! LUCKY YOU.

I used to be a real goal setter but have nicely settled into comfy zone and haven't set anything for the foreseeable future. I also started to realise that over aiming, deadline driven, you-must-do-this-or-you-suck-as-a-human, go hard or go home goals are actually pretty dry. This year I have embraced the more fun, lighthearted goals which sit nicely alongside my more spiritual attitude to life.


1. Do more nice things for the people I care about

How very vague. But that's what makes it great, people! Showing the people I care about a bit more love. This could be as simple as me offering to clean my daughter's bottles when it's not my turn. Dropping a friend at the train station. Buying them thoughtful gifts for no reason. Helping someone with some chores. Just generally being a nice, unselfish person. This for me may be the hardest of all!

How will I know when I've done it? My family and friends will thank me and notice a difference in my behaviour.


2. Stop eating meat

It's a pretty big deal. 2010 Sarah would be laughing at me right now. This is probably the hardest thing I will have to do in life. Ok that's an exaggeration. The thought of never eating a sweet and sour chicken again almost gives me an anxiety attack, but I'm going to try. I'll be writing all about why I've decided to stop eating meat in a separate post. 

How will I know when I've done it? I won't buy or prepare any meat dishes for myself.


3. Read more books

I read a fair bit anyway, but this year I want to try and absorb as much fabulous information as I possibly can. Novels, biographies, self help, the classics, you name it. Have a great suggestion? Please leave it in the comments section below!

How will I know when I've done it? I've reviewed at least 10 books on this blog by Jan 2015.


4. Learn how to use my camera properly

I bought a Cannon 550d when my daughter was born and don't do anything other than use the automatic settings. What was the point in getting a nice camera if I don't use it properly? Get ready for some awesome photos on the blog, and maybe some not so awesome ones where I am learning.

How will I know when I've done it? I use the manual setting on my camera instead of automatic!


5. Do a CAD course

I love interior design, and I also love anything techy or computer related. Learning how to draw in 3D and mock up room ideas will be a big step for me and it's learning a new skill that can add to my portfolio. 

How will I know when I've done it? I will have completed (at least) a beginners course by Jan 2015.


6. Learn more about antiques

I love them. I love them. I love them. So obviously I need to learn about them properly. Expect to see some of what I'm learning popping up on here. After all, the best way to learn is to explain it to someone else!

How will I know when I've done it? I will write at least one blog post a month on something new I have learnt.


7. Make a list of 10 things I'm grateful for every night

Yeeeeah man, like, writing what you're grateful for means you're like, sooo gracious mannn.

Ok I know this is the stuff of hippies and 'the secret' lovers but I've done it before and it's great to look back on. It can also cheer you up when you've had a shitty day by remembering all the great stuff we are lucky to have compared to other parts of the world. It's hard to do every day but I'll bloody well try. 

How will I know when I've done it? I'll need to buy a new notebook as I've filled the current one.


What are your new years resolutions? 


S x