Spot the pic of me when I was 7, with Lisa Simpson

Spot the pic of me when I was 7, with Lisa Simpson

I get quite a few comments about the layout of our bookshelves, and they've really become the feature of our living room so I thought I'd show you how I put it together and how you can recreate a similar look in your own home. 

Don't watch my random books about Arsenal or Top Gear, they are quite obviously hubby's! The twilight books are mine though, and what?


You will need:

- Lots of books of varying sizes (who needs an excuse to buy books?!)

Tip: don't spend on new books, check out charity shops for titles for a fraction of the cost new. DO invest in large size coffee table art books as they really become the main focus and give the overall bookshelf a little more of a high end look than loads of tacky novels (though you HAVE to have a few of those!)

- Some interesting book ends

- A selection of photographs

- Records

- Framed small size art

- Stack of fashion magazines

- Selection of ornaments (I've got film cameras, bowls filled with dead flower heads, a shisha pipe, display sign, head massager, old cards... anything goes!)

- A bookshelf, duh. (Mine is from Ikea)

Tip: Don't set all of your shelves at the same height. Make some smaller height and then larger gaps in the middle or bottom for coffee table books or records.



It's all about dressing the shelves with balance! If you have more books the left side of one shelf you want to off set that elsewhere, perhaps a couple of shelves down. 


Let the books tilt slightly. I hate books looking rigid and straight! This look is all about having an eclectic mix of stuff.

Horizontally pile up fashion magazines that are taking up loads of space elsewhere. Place an ornament or small display bowl on top.


Use records as a backdrop to the shelf backing. 


Take a couple of your favourite books and stand up facing forward.


Place books in size order, start with largest at the outside edges of the shelf and work your way in.

Try to mix up the colours and sizes so you get an even distribution across the entire bookshelves. 

Take a couple of random objects that you love and make them a display feature. 


Use old family photographs at the end of shelves. It's a subtle way to have your family pics around the house without them being on a wall, in your face. 


Keep stepping away and look at the bookshelf as an overall feature. It might take a bit of moving objects around until it feels the balance is right. This look isn't about perfect!


And here's the finished look!

Hope this provides some inspiration for your own bookshelf. Send me some snaps if you do your own and please leave a comment below if you enjoyed this post :)

S x