My new year's eve in pictures

Ready to go to my New Year's Eve celebrations, dressed as an Oompa Loompa according to some

Ready to go to my New Year's Eve celebrations, dressed as an Oompa Loompa according to some

I've never been much of a fan of New Year raving, so now we have a baby it's the perfect excuse to not have to go along with plans to go to some over expensive club and faff around trying to get home in awful weather. Last year Marley was only a couple of weeks old so we just stayed at my sisters and watched TV. This year, with her being a bit older and some of our friends also having children, we decided to partner up with some friends for a night of dinner, fun with kids, games, and of course a few drinks.  

We joined Lois, my dear friend and business partner, and her boyfriend Craig at her parents house in South Norwood. Craig's best friend Danny, his girlfriend Lara and their 5 month old baby Lyla also came along for the end of year fun.

We were treated to a home made 3 course dinner, all lovingly prepared by Lois. Scallop and prawn gratin to start, Sirloin steak with sweet potato mash, creamed spinach and roasted tomatoes for main (notice there are no pics? That went straight in my gob), and a chocolate tart for dinner. 

Drinks flowed freely and before we knew it charades had started, which led to us realising that Lois is hands down queen of charades. Who knew?! 

Marley didn't really want to settle and baby Lyla happened to wake up just in time for the countdown, so we got to see in 2014 with the bubbas and Lo's parents who had arrived home just in the nick of time. Enough time for us to pop one prosecco and have it gush all over the floor, and attempt to open another with the cork breaking. Good work.  

We called it a night at around 2am, with the apparent 70 year old next door neighbours blaring the garage anthem 'joyrider' (yeah, seriously) as we drifted into lala land. Kids finally sleeping too. 

We awoke to coffee and Eggs Royale. Who can complain?

Thanks to Lois and Craig for hosting a lovely NYE and to Lo's parents for allowing us to crash the gaff. Happy New Year!

S x