Dream pad!

For those of you who don't know, I am a total antiques GEEK. After watching so much Downton Abbey recently, I've taken more of a liking to Edwardian furniture and antiques than I had previously. The Edwardian period was a short one, running only from 1901-1910, although some considered the Edwardian period to stretch beyond King Edwards death in 1910 up until the end of WW1 in 1918. The Edwardian era birthed some great pieces that are beautiful in their own right, but could really work in a modern eclectic home too. 


If you're lucky you can find these in well kept original fabrics, or can be reupholstered in a contemporary fabric. I think these look dope in a velvet or woven linen finish. I'm not much of a fan of leather but if it's worn well, leather can be a good option, but it won't be cheap!

Club Chair

Club chairs have classic, sleek lines and could easily sit in any modern room without people even realising these chairs are Edwardian style. 

Tub chair

These have a rounded back and look great with a tufted / button back finish. I would avoid tub chairs in leather as they can look a little tacky (in my opinion)! The tub chairs with the slightly rolled arms are my fave and are the ones shown below.


Writing desks

Edwardian writing or 'kneehole' desks are pretty easy to find and have classic masculine style. You will usually find ones with green or oxblood leather tops, and best with a bit of a patina (natural wear and discolouration from being used over a period of time). I can see these with an iMac, keyboard, photography books and a modern lamp to add a bit of eclectic fashion to a bedroom. 


I don't know about you but I think it so much more unique and tasteful to have your favourite spirits or wine in cut glass decanters rather than the off the shelf bottles. Decanters aren't expensive to pick up and if you take a look around your local charity shop you may find one. I've seen some go for just a few pounds. Silver decanter neck labels add even more style and if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a tantulas frame (a lockable frame containing decanters usually made in wood or silver-plate) then you will really have one up on everyone else. But don't get yours just yet cos' I still don't have mine, alright? Note: Do not go on eBay and search for tantulas frame unless you are NOT scared of tarantulas. SHUDDER.

Hope this has inspired you to add a little Edwardian touch to your home! 

Which item did you like the most? You can leave a comment below :)

S x