All I want for xmas is a kardashian style double chin pump

Some of my xmas goodies!

Some of my xmas goodies!

It's the little gifts that matter! I'd much rather have a well thought out inexpensive present than something flashy and pricey with no thought behind it. I'm so nosey and love to hear about the gifts that people received. With that in mind, I thought you might be interested in what I got, so here's what I was lucky enough to receive this xmas from my family (note: includes a Khloe Kardashian gif that's not for the faint hearted).


Clockwise from top centre:

Blue teapot from Mummy, as we've recently moved into our first home and when we have people over I wanted a teapot to serve everyone tea from. How very adult of me. She chose this colour as it closely matches our front door which I painted a bright turquoise to stand out. How thoughtful!

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, from my husband Jason. I'm a huge bookworm, and love anything to do with female empowerment, business or self development. This book embodies all three. I've been meaning to pick it up for a while and after watching Sheryl's interview on Oprah with Jason, he must have thought I'd like it. How right he was, I'm already nearly halfway through. Sheryl fucking rules. 

Graphic peg leg trousers and Burt's Bees set from my sister Annalisa. Annie loves her fashion so I knew when I made some suggestions that she would choose clothing for me. Love that she picked this print, it's so me with the gold trim and loose fit. I can't do smart. I've tried, but it just never works! I'll pair this with a black jumper and some brogues for work. 

Spotted duvet set with money from my grandpa. Pa sent us some money to spend on our flat, so we chose this polka dot duvet set from Ikea. I'm obsessed with polka dots at the moment.

Plates and gold coloured underplates with vouchers from my Godparents. Again my godparents knew we wanted some bits for the flat, so I chose these white plates with gold underplates form John Lewis. Smartens up the dining table for guests! The theme for our living room is monochrome and brass so these fit really well. 

Interiors magazine subscription from my brother Will. He actually got me a World Of Interiors subscription but the first magazine hasn't arrived yet so my regular ELLE decoration subscription can be its stand in! I'm moving more and more into the world of interior design so having a monthly subscription means I can rip out anything I love and add it to my scrapbook. Who needs pinterest?!

Kardashian Xmas style double chin pump from Annie on xmas eve. We're part Swedish and every xmas eve we usually start our xmas celebrations with a smorgasbord and small gifts. I love the Kardashians - the show, the drama, the family love, the tack... it's all so fab! I'd seen the Xmas special where Khloe got a double chin pump and had joked about it to my sister, so she got me my own! Apparently with just two minutes a day you can have a double chin free neckline. I've been trying it and it's actually really hard. No wonder Kim didn't want to use it. 


Brass lamp from Mum. You see the recurring house theme here right?! It's a lamp. It's brass. It's art deco style. Of course it was going in our flat! It's really cool as doesn't have a switch but is touch sensitive. I'm won over with the most basic technology. 

So that's my round up, what did you get that was really thoughtful?

S x