Wassup guys! So in my recent blog post I revealed my alternative Xmas tree for this year's festivities. I just couldn't help myself... I couldn't have another bog-standard Xmas tree could I?! Alternative trees are definitely becoming a 'thing' nowadays , as more people have smaller spaces to work with or just want to be out there with their decor, so I thought I'd share some tree ideas. 

The guys at Command gave me the opportunity to create another non-tree Christmas tree using their range which I'm sure all of you decor and DIY heads know about! So yes I have yet another cool alternative tree to reveal to you!

First of all, let me share 9 other cool non-tree xmas trees that are perfect for those of you in small spaces. 

All pictures are linked to sources. 

1. tape & instax from Don't cramp my style

My good friend Anna from Don't Cramp My Style, did this awesome wall-tree featuring some instax photos of her most loved pics. I love how personalised this is, and reminds me a lot of my instax feature on my tree this year!

2. Painted pallets from affirmaison

This is the perfect example of creating a dope 'tree' on a small budget. These wood pallets are cheap (or FREE) and you can pick them up from industrial estates or even your local grocery store, if you're lucky.

3. ladder tree from Lo Bjurulf

This ladder-tree is so cool. I love how Swedish stylist Lo has turned a regular household item into a weirdly wonderful xmas 'tree'. Also, it would be so quick to decorate using command hooks to attach the fairy lights and baubles, so perfect for us busy peeps. 

4. shelf tree from that's my letter 

This right here is such an awesome idea if you're short for space. So simple, but so effective, and it doesn't cost much to make it either! Click through to find out how to do it. 


5. Book paper stack tree from Karin Krut

And for even smaller spaces, this is perfect. I guess you could make this as small or large as you want (as long as you find a book with large enough pages). Such a cool concept and again super easy and quick to do. You could even have a few around your home. 

6. branch tree from überall & Nirgendwo

If you have enough time to trek for some pretty, symmetrical branches or live close enough to a beach for some driftwood (which I DEFINITELY don't), you can literally bring nature in. Love the mix of coloured baubles on this one! You can click through to see how they did it, but it's in German so... good luck with that. 

7. Bookworm tree from Family Sponge

As a bookworm (one thing I do find some time for), this seems like an awesome way of using your collection to create a 'tree' that will definitely grab attention. I'd give it some extra stability by using command strips to secure a few pf the layers. Just incase the kids see it as a giant game of Jenga... 


For those who really wanna be different but can't let go of the idea of no green-y goodness in the home, use branches from a pine tree to feel festive in a place with limited space. Secure the branches to the wall using command hooks and you're good to go! 

9. washi tape tree from Brit + Co

Of course I couldn't leave this list without a pop of colour, simplicity and cheap-ness! This tree is LITERALLY MADE OUT OF TAPE. I may have to consider this one for Marley's room next year because it's JUST... TOO.... EASY!

10. hanging bauble tree from yours truly!

TA-DAAA! Now this tree literally gives me so much life. HANGING BAUBLES PEOPLE! Got some magical stuff going down here clearly. I used Command ceiling hooks to attach baubles on fishing wire to the ceiling. It can take a while so make sure you have a few hours free, or enlist some help from your kids, mates or partner! 

So there you have it. My fave alternative, non-tree Xmas trees (god that was a mouthful) the internet has blessed me with this year! All of these are definitely something you can give a go either next year or even before Xmas 2016 (if you've been avoiding following tradition), and with Command's products I'm sure whatever the idea, it's possible. 

They have such a brilliant array of products from clips to sticky pads that won't leave any of your walls or ceilings damaged, which is so helpful if you wanna jazz up your festivities in a rented space! I always have them hanging around in my (non-existent) DIY box - it's more like a drawer or two - because they have become so handy in many situations, especially this Xmas!

S x  

*This blog post was sponsored by Command.*