that thing you just love doing, find super fun, can't stop thinking about...

well yeah, you can make that your job.


Want to earn money talking about things you love?

Get freebies?

Or even shortcut into a new career in an industry that you have no experience?

Blogging is the answer. how do I know? I did it!

Two years ago I was working in an office job. I was stressed and creatively unfulfilled. I was sick of helping other people to create their vision whilst leaving mine on the back burner. I got ill all the time, I was tired, I would cry when I got home from work, I never saw my daughter or husband. Sound familiar?! I had a huge passion for interiors and design and would day dream about working in that industry. My problem was, aside from decorating my own flat I had ZERO experience and ZERO contacts in that industry. Then I thought, screw it. I'm gonna start a blog and show off my eye for style and it'll somehow get me work in the industry. You might think that sounds naive, but it worked. I was about ready to try anything. 

Now, 2 years later, with 2 major blogging awards under my belt, I've left my full time job. I work freelance as an interior stylist creating amazing imagery and have worked with some of the biggest names in the business. I design for my own clients (who all find me via my blog) and I am approached by brands that I adore every week asking me to write about them on my blog, which has over 5500 readers a month now.

I've been featured in the biggest UK newspapers and I'm now a regular contributor for one too. I've even appeared on two major TV shows for Channel 4! Above all of it, I get to work from home when I want to, spend loads of time with my 3 year old daughter and am getting to realise all of my creative ideas. I'm building MY brand and MY vision, not someone else's. 

So before you start giving me a million excuses as to why it can't be done = just stop. IT CAN.